MAYA - Online Elemental Analyser

Iron & Steel





Minerals and Ores

Our elemental LIBS analyzers measure the elemental composition of mineral raw materials on a conveyor belt, falling stream, slurry pipeline, and open-pit wall, detecting all elements, in real time, without sampling. They are used in mining, ore beneficiation (sorting, flotation), raw mix composition stabilization, sintering, quality control in iron, copper, nickel, aluminum, rare earth, cement, coal, phosphate, potash industries. The analyzer does not produce any radiation and is thus fully safe; it can operate 24/7 in automatic mode under heavy conditions; the maintenance is easy and low-cost. Based on our experience, the standard return of investment is in 2-4 months.

Advantages of laser-based technique

·  Absolute safety for personnel and environment. Simple implementation which does not require obtaining nuclear authority licenses, supervision and inspections

·  High sensitivity and low limits of detection (LOD) as a result of clear spectral lines of many elements of interest in wide optical wave range

·  Simultaneous analysis of many elements, including light ones (H, Li, Be, B, C, Na, Mg, Al, Si...)

·  High accuracy regardless of bulk size, surface quality, thickness of the layer of the material and variation on these parameters